Thank you Madiba- A word of thanks to Nelson Mandela

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Thank you Madiba- A word of thanks to Nelson Mandela

Today as a young white South African I would like to thank Madiba for the freedom he allows me to have with everyone in South Africa.

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela is my hero. He is my roll model. And is what we should all aspire to be.

I would like to thank a man that fought for what he
Believed in. A man that stood up not just for himself or his people but the entire nation whether you were black, white, asian or any other race And a man that touched the world.

If it wasnt for this man and his support structure which he lead i would have not had the opportunity to have met some of the most amazing people i have been so blessed to have not only met but to have in my life. I would not be able to call a lot of my friends exactly that. So thank you tata.

Thank you for risking your life and fighting for the truth so that every other South African can proudly say that we live in a country that is truly free.

To South Africa, mandela might be gone but its our jobs as South Africans whether you young or old or whether you black or white to show the world that his spirit lives on and his morals and strength lives in everyone of us.

Its time for us to come together in unity and keep building the nation that Mandela dreamed of. As the drums continue beating in South Africa so will his legacy in everyone of us.

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