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Isn’t it just strange how everyone has different passions and priorities?I love social media and the way people from all over the world are using it in different ways. I also have a passion for technology and the way we integrating it into our daily lives to make our current ones easier.


I have so many passions and interests in my life. It would be really hard to say which interest is the most important to me. I believe each one has built my character and they all continue to push me to learn more so I can do more.

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There is something about video that captures my attention. I love watching unique and well thought out creative content that is now all over the internet. There is just so much talent online and that's what I strive for because more than watching video I love making video. I love capturing the imagionation of viewers and taking them to places they probable will never see or experience again.

I like to teach people how to do things and with the internet it's become easy! I have often made videos teaching people how to do something. From how to use a feature on Social Networks to videos on how apps work I have done it. I have even done reviews on egg separators of all things!

The web is just incredible to me. Millions of people contributing to both the good and the nasty. The power it holds in our abilities to learn more without having to pay a university that will read it out of a textbook anyways. The ability to turns someone passions into a business. The piles of new content that just blows our mind. Technology and gadgets are also a wonderland for me which just keeps getting better!

I am no personal trainer by any means nor am I Mens Health Cover Model material but I love weight training. Its one of the first things I do every day. From 5:45 to 7:45 I am in the gym training. It gets my body and mind ready to tackle the day ahead and has become something I want to wake up for.


I don’t blog much. So don’t expect too much. But I have one.


I absolutely love making video! And I love teaching people how to do things with video too. Why dont you check out my YouTube Channel Hopefully you will learn something new while I keep you entertained. I also make online learning material for Trued Social which is worth looking for if you want to learn more about your favourite Social Network.


LinkedIn is undoubtedly the best business-oriented social networking service with 300 million+ members! Connect with me on one of the most powerful business platforms online.

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I love Techology, Gadgets, Video, Social Media and so much more. I talk about anything on my mind if I get a minute to...Dont judge me! I am mannaging a ton of social Networks. It can be rough out there.

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You can find me on google+ if you geek enough. It's as simple as that.

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Who doesn't love Instagram? It's quick to use and the images that people post can be spectacular! I try my best to deliver only the best photo's that mean something to me.

Friends maybe?

Isn't Facebook just great? I have always used this network strictly to stay in touch with my friends. If you think you make the cut why don't you friend me? If I don't accept your request you will still get my shared content as a subscriber.


I love exploring and going places I haven’t been to before. Whether it’s alone or with friends an adventure awaits us! Are you in?


I love learning new things and thanks to the internet I am able to learn what I want when I want or more importantly when I need it! I am a true believer that traditional learning needs to be tossed out the window. Its about what you can do not what a university says you can.


Ah man. I used to love gaming. I pretty much had no life because of it. Things have changed in the last couple of years but give me a keyboard and a mouse with Call of Duty installed and you have yourself a bet.


As mentioned I love adventure which means I love doing crazy things! The things that spike your adrenaline and make you so nervous yet so curios that you just cant back down.


Trued Social

I am the founder of Trued Social Marketing which is a Social Media Digital Marking and Management company. Our main focus is teaching people how to use Social Media correctly whether you are just a normal Social Media user or a business needing to learn how to grow your audience online. We also provide Social Media Management, Digital Marketing, Advanced Social Media Analytics, Online Campaigns and more for our customers.


If you came across this website by going to Edwi.in chances are you have encountered a Social Networking account I work with or own. Own every character of your tweet! You only have 160 characters after all. To find out more contact Trued Social so we can help.

Life is an adventure.

Live is an adventure.




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